Miroslav is a speaker, facilitator and trainer who has been featured across mainstream media (The Age, Ch 9 etc). Over the past 10 years he has worked with over 4,000 people across Australia, from large companies such as Lululemon Athletica to individuals supporting them to reconnect with the clarity, courage and confidence to live in their life’s purpose. He is also the co-founder of Tribe One Heartbeat, Australias largest events celebrating the open heart.

He has travelled jungles, ashrams and deserts globally facing his own fears, so he could bring his unique gifts to the world.

Speaking from the heart with no notes or power points his talks are highly engaging and interactive, with a presence that softly yet powerfully invites the attention of the room into the intimacy of the present moment.

Fusing yogic wisdom and contemporary life in a fun and interactive way attendees typically walk away feeling deeply reconnected to themselves: peaceful, centered and grounded in knowing what action to take next in their lives and how to create more fulfillment and live their life’s purpose.

In his own words:

My life in this world began with complete disconnection from myself and everyone around me. I experienced life like an old abandoned tree, in a forest that had grown over and forgotten me with its abundance of life. Being unable to talk, dance or express myself in any way, all that was within me was hidden inside, from both myself and the world. Despite my greatest desires, I was unable to connect with even those closest to me, nor understand why I was so withdrawn from the world.

Just as the life of the tree awakens from the seed planted in total darkness growing towards the light, I realized I would have to journey deep into my own being to understand and create the necessary changes that would allow me to enjoy my experience in this world.

My journey inwards allowed me to gradually open my heart back up to the world andlife began rushing through my being once again. I went from the illusion of being an old forgotten tree to realizing I was the whole forest - now able to connect with the beauty of all life in and around me.

As a tree flowering in its maturity and offering its fruit to the rest of the forest, I too learned to share my personal gifts and help others reawaken to their own heart, by holding a safe space for them to find clarity and purpose in their own life.

As the trees root deep in the earth and dance into the sky, we can also live in both worlds - deeply grounded in a spiritual life whilst pursuing our purpose through business and career.

My life's purpose is to teach this wisdom and awaken humanity to their own hearts,  empowering them to live their lives unshaken from this place of peace.



• A world where we live from the heart, find expression and freedom in the deepest parts of ourselves authentically and playfully, whilst doing what matters most to us.