Miroslav Petrovic is a pioneer and thought-leader, often described as "a cross between Eckhart Tolle and Tony Robbins".

He has presented across Australia, appeared across mainstream media and worked with over 5,000 people supporting them to embrace their fears and live a life in alignment with their deeper desires. He has also delivered trainings on workplace culture and emotional intelligence to companies such as Lululemon Athletica.

Speaking from the heart, Miroslav fuses mindfulness with an engaging stage presence to create immersive experiences that connect and inspire. Inviting the audience to meet their ‘edge’and dive deeper into the intimacy of the present moment.

Miroslav has spent his life confronting his own limits - from Amazonian immersions to Ashram life in India, and he continues to explore what’s possible for us as humans in relationship to each other and our fears. Integrating ancient wisdom into contemporary life in a fun and interactive way, participants leave feeling deeply reconnected to themselves and ready to take action in their lives.

In his own words:

I came to Australia as a refugee at the age of 4. For no ‘known’ reason I developed a speach impediment, which meant I couldn’t speak without stuttering. Around close freinds, I was fine, but speaking to anyone else, words just wouldn’t come out. I knew what they were. I knew how to say them, but my body wouldn’t let me speak. It would just stutter and I would get ashamed as people just assumed i was handicapped. It was frustrating, and I lived most of my life like this. It was awkward, and I was well aware of my awkwardness but for those first 20 years of my life there genuinely was nothing I could do about it. I was bullied. I cried. I learnt to suppress my tears put on a brave face and not cry. I got on with life, but never felt happy.

People would often ask my friends or those around me, “Does he ever talk?” they just assumed I didn’t. And it hurt - it hurt to not be able to stand up for myself. To say what I want. To be heard.

Despite my greatest longing to be ‘normal’ and just talk, it felt like I was condemned to living in a prison within my own body. I was withdrawn even from those closest to me. (Man, it sucked).

When did it change?
Meditation. Meditation was like my life line. It felt like finally taking a breath of air when you have been underwater, starved for oxygen, for longer than you could have imagined holding your breath. Meditation allowed me to feel again, to connect to myself. Through years of this journey of diving inwards I began to love the expeirence of being internal, but I still craved to have this sense of ‘connection’ with my eyes open. With other people. There was a deep part of me longing for it. I began asking the question, “How can I experience this with others?

Be careful what you ask for.
I never imagined it coming this way. But the more I sat with that question, the more people began asking me to teach them, to learn from me. They could see what I was doing was working. And pretty soon I went from giving workshops to doing public talks. And whenever I went up on a stage, my mind would go quiet. It was as if watching words move through me.

The first time I got on a stage, self conscious and freaking out for hours leading upto it trying to write and create some sense of what I was talking about (Haha, it didn’t work, don’t bother with this method). When I finally got on stage, still unsure what would happen, my mind went dead quiet, and as I spoke it was like watching words move through me. Like a surfer finding the ocean beneath his board. I had little to no training - but being on stage just felt natural. Like I had done it before, for lifetimes.

Speaking and teaching became an ‘active meditation’ for me.. I was just as engrossed in what I was saying as the audience was. I discovered that the question I had been asking became to show itself to me through lived experience. It was an embodiment, a living answer.

”Woah Miroslav, that was amazing - it’s like everyone’s thoughts are quiet when you speak! You could hear a pindrop in the room.”

Now, I knew that I was having that experience, hence why I was so intoxicated by it. BUT, it was mind blowing when I began receiving the reflection over and over again from different audience members that this too was their experience. I realized pretty early on I had a gift, and that cultivating it and immersing myself into speaking, teaching and facilitating was all i wanted to do! The more I could lean into my transparency, my authenticity, the more it would affect my audience.

… and how funny to think I had come from a background of not being able to speak at all.

The more I spoke, the more my awareness opened and I became more acutely aware of finer and finer distinctions in the sphere of public speaking and facilitating. It has become a path of mastery for me. An intoxicating well I continue to drink from, that transforms both me and my listeners when we allow ourselves to go there.

This, practice, opened me to far more than I could imagine.

From my work of working with people and stages for the past 12 years two key works have been developed that I am currently writing a book about:

• The first, which I also gave a Tedx on is Meta-Fear. The art of using fear as a tool for personal and spiritual evolution. Being able to distinguish the subtle layers and differences in fear, so when smelling it, we can step through it.

• The second, which is my life’s work, is Embodied Speaking, Teaching & Facilitating - a art of using who we fully are, our whole embodiment, to present and teach with. It involves going beyond didactic models of teaching and instead turning ourselves inside out, to awaken in our audience what they are truly capable of. It is a complete commitment to the path of teaching, speaking and facilitating, not for wearing the hat or having it as an occupation, but as a love affair with life. A path of self mastery.

I am both humble and grateful for all I have been given in life. And I hope that I too, will be able to carry out and teach what has been gifted to me, to die knowing I have given everything I could and that I was there to teach those who desired more ease and power with their expression, whether it be conquering their fear of public speaking, expressing their love to those closest to them, or presenting regularly. Trained those whose desire was to speak, teach and facilitate to any capacity. And just ‘showed up’ to life.


• A world where we can Just Speak without all the conundrums of conditioning. Where expressing our hearts, is the normal thing to do. A world, where we stand for each other, to be in expression. I see a world where presence, is more powerful than pretending. A world where we crave it, desire it, and celebrate it within ourselves and each other. It’s time to stand for that world.