How To Transform The The Racing Mind Into Inspiration

For those of you experiencing irritability, racing mind thoughts etc, this is super important:

I was super "erratic" last night. Couldn't sleep.

So I got out of bed to do Yoga - this is where it got interesting:

After my standing postures I got down into the floor series and I witnessed something miraculous:

As usual I began to slow my mind into the irritation - it felt like a churning in my belly. As I breathed into it and softened my awareness to feel it - All these ideas started bubbling up through me. Ideas on questions I'd had to do with my business, my routines, my programs. I had to keep getting up from the floor and writing them down. (I had clear instruction just 30minutes prior to not let ANY ideas that arise in my mind go unwritten).

As I continued "the irritation" began to feel more like an excitement even thought the sensation in my body was largely unchanged. And More ideas! More writing! They just kept pouring forth.

Then even though still a similar sensation in my belly, it now felt more like inspiration! AND STILL THE IDEAS KEPT COMING.

Unless we express it, it rots inside us!

It made me awe at how we 'label' the sensations we feel. I was 'irritated' because there was so much creativity inside me it needed an outlet.

Sometimes the solution is not 'to heal' the dis-harmonies in our lives but realise that it is actually stuck potential energy we can use 'to create' with.

Consider the parts of yourself you have been attempting to 'heal' or 'change' and what could be created from that same energy.

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