Every Time I Fail...

A lot of people are trying to get it perfect before they start,.. while I'm out here failing daily.

You know the advantage of that:

Every time I fail I take a step forward. Every time I "fail" I smash the emotional and mental barriers that were holding me back, and more of the path opens to me.

Every time I "fail" in my eyes, and judge the shit out of myself, I succeed in someone else's and they are grateful for what I shared.

Every time I "Step Out", I am judged and criticised, but I have grown beyond what limits I could even imagine and show up a new person next time I step up.

Every time I fail I smash the veil of illusion which I previously thought was me and what I'm capable of, and grow into what is possible.

I die and am reborn, every time I fail.

Knowing that who I show up as tomorrow, is a new person, a new being, whom I do not yet know, UNTIL I STEP UP AGAIN.

I am ALWAYS getting to know myself, and

Every time I fail, I succeed.

For another layer is wiped clean.


(What beliefs do you hold about failure?)

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