I believe that the very best customer experience for an organisation is delivered when heart and head are combined. Head can deliver a good experience and heart might deliver a superb experience, but it might not be commercially sustainable. Combining heart and head delivers superb, sustainable customer experience to a level that most organisations can only dream of.

Delivering excellence in customer experience through heart and head is not just ideal for your customers, it is also highly motivating and rewarding for your team. When your team are living and working in their flow, it creates a positive energy that naturally permeates through to all that your business does.

My training for executives and teams is people-centered and direct. This allows me to penetrate beneath the surface of how team members interact and communicate with each another and with their customers.

The results are that managers and teams have the tools and knowledge to dissolve all undesirable attitudes or practices that might cause lack of performance or distress, and to create empowering alternatives that support positive, transformative outcomes for employees and customers.

I support corporations and entrepreneurs in delivering their message to the marketplace in contemporary and innovative ways. My training sessions are always dynamic, fun, transformative, interactive and full of practical tools that attendees can take away and apply immediately.  



3 Key Areas of focus:

Team Dynamics


Authenticity & Effortless Rapport

How to quickly foster rapport and create authentic, lasting connections with people creating like-ability and return customers.



 Leadership & Staying Inspired

How to build leadership inside and outside of the workplace so the two work in unison and co-support each other.

Heart Based Sales


Selling authentically

Learn "non-pushy" sales techniques which allow customers to feel heard, creating trust, loyalty and repeat business.

Miroslav's services include keynotes, presentations and trainings, custom designed for the organisation's requirements.


The benefits

The benefits typically include a more vibrant, uplifting and co-supportive atmosphere in the workplace that employees want to be a part of and customers naturally feel comfortable to engage in.

Miroslav's trainings provide both measurable and intangible benefits in the areas of:

  • Higher energy in the workplace - creating more enjoyable experiences for staff and customers.

  • More effective use of staff energy - able to deal with difficult customers & challenges with less downtime.

  • Happier employees - staff arriving and leaving fulfilled within the workplace.

This also results in:

  • Higher Productivity

  • Reduction in Errors

  • Lower Downtime & Turnover

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Increased Teamwork

  • Improved Performance

  • Enhanced Reputation

  • Higher Moral

In effect, the work environment fosters an increased sense of harmony and connection, creating deeper trust and support between team members and likeability with customers.



Miroslav's Trainings & Talks are typically custom-created for the direct requirements of the organisation. Some previous popular topics include:

  • Authentic Connection: Create effortless rapport with customers and team members.

  • Dealing with Difficult People: Handle big egos, rude customers or difficult conversations.

  • Powerful Presence: Charisma and presentation to command the room's attention on stage.

  • Empowering Confidence: How to dissolve the "imposter" syndrome.

  • Dynamic Rapport: Listening skills and 'like-ability' to build trust and loyalty.



With a team of 14 who work in a space where we are connecting with strangers every day it is so important that we all show up as our best selves and Miroslav was the man to assist us with doing just that.

Digging into how to connect authentically, the team got to experience a new connection with the feeling of not being received well by someone, and from there able to discover ways to not shut down and remain open to further interaction rather than doubting themselves. This is so powerful not only for our workplace where we have to bounce back quick as we interact with people at a fast pace but for everyday life and the relationships that are most important to us. His work take you below the surface to where we normally avoid or resist and somehow enables you to make peace with it and in turn be empowered.

My team took many things away from this workshop and proved to be beneficial on our floor for team and guest (customer) interaction and relationship building.
— Maddy Lucas, Lululemon Athletica Store Manager, Vic
Miroslav is an intelligent and inspirational facillitator that related to each individual and to the team as a whole. His exclusive skills for leading a group removes any barriers and gets everyone connected to their true authentic selves, which allows the team to address any outstanding issues, concerns or roadblocks.The goal of our meeting was to get the team aligned and working as one single identity; teamwork. Miroslav lead us through different discussions while creating a safe and open environment allowing the team to remove any barriers and come together. During the meeting we had certain staff members open up for the first time. The week after was when we saw some of the best results; authenticity and truth came alive. Every shift we had great conversations around what was holding people back and as team we were able to support each other and work together. Miroslav offers a positively unique approach to facillitation.
— Danielle Johnson, Lululemon Athletica Store Manager, Qld

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