Living Your Edge Event

Live Your Limits ° Smash Your Fears.
Master the art of LIVING YOUR EDGE and using it as a tool for inspiration.
 "We need to jump off the cliff and learn to make wings on the way down.”
- Ray Bradbury

Do you feel like time is passing you by and you want to be 'at the next stage' already? Frustrated with knowing what you want but not knowing how to get there quickly enough? Want to go beyond modalities and techniques into creating transformation with everything you do? Ready to live your purpose daily?

This event will inspire and instill you with tools to be confidently vulnerable, authentic, keep taking risks and challenging what you believe is possible without caring what anyone thinks, to create massive change in your life and the world.

We will challenge and integrate how to live a life which continually supports personal transformation creating fulfillment, excitement and joy by transforming fear and learning the art of following your purpose in EVERY situation.
This event is all about pushing the barriers of what is possible for you in this lifetime. You only live once, so give it all you've got.


What will happen?

TOPIC: Live Your Edge & Speak Your Truth

• 90 Minute Experiential Talk (Unlike anything you’ve experienced).
• Fun Exercises - Connect with supportive, like-minded people without the awkwardness of ‘networking.’
• Mental Stillness & Creativity - Be facillitated to draw on your untapped resources for clarity, new projects and inspiration.

• TAKE ACTION on the next steps in your purpose.



This event is for entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, truth seekers and anyone looking to live life on the edge and get the most out of it while they are here.


This event is not for people that need everything explained logically and want to argue their points. We will be exploring the unknown and challenging what is possible for us. It is for people who are open, curious, inquisitive and willing explore what is possible beyond logic. As Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them". We will go beyond conventional "thinking."



 • Get comfortable in how to feel fear and take POWERFUL ACTION anyway. (It's like a free roller coaster ride when you learn).
• Tools to STOP CARING about what your friends, family and community thinks of you.
• Dissolve self sabotage such as “Who am I to be doing this?” and telling yourself you don’t know enough.
• Stop comparing yourself to others and get clear on your message.
• Get un-stuck and clear on what to do next.
• Share & express yourself confidently more often.
• COURAGE to be yourself, own and speak your truth with your friends, family and community.
• CLARITY on how unseen parts of yourself have been blocking you.
• Awesome new FRIENDS to support you on your journey.
• Discover a NEW WAY of transformation that exists 'BEYOND MODALITY'.
• Embody Self-trust to continually action the next steps in your journey.
• EXPERIENCE the threshold of living your limits in this lifetime.
• CONFIDENCE in following your heart and CARVING YOUR OWN WAY through life.
• Be immersed in doing what YOU LOVE.

+ Much more – Every event is custom created to who is in the space this night will be similar to the magic of opening a Christmas present.

How will this event affect your life?

• Clear ACTIONS to take to move you forward.
• Take your life into YOUR hands.
• BECOME THE POWERFUL influential person you’re capable of being
• Be more in service to the WORLD and your FRIENDS, FAMILY and COMMUNITY.
• Receive MORE OPPORTUNITIES and CONNECTIONS by sharing your gifts.
• Build COMMUNITY and PROJECTS that reflect your highest values.
• Experience more EMBODIMENT in what you LOVE.
• Create further reach and impact than you could have dreamed.


Why do I do this?

This work is me living on my edge and embracing my fear - as you will see if you read my bio below I spent most of my early life hardly speaking apart from my closest friends and family. Somehow in this mad (and comical) world I discovered that speaking is what makes me come alive most. It is not in the speaking itself but what is created when I do this work: The fear and excitement of not knowing what will come next but taking a deep breath and leaping into the unknown. I am often scared, but love the feeling of riding my edge and through me doing it gives others both the permission and the tools I have spent almost 10 years cultivating to be able to do the same in their lives.  I have discovered that integrating this into our lifestyle creates far more transformation than any technique, modality, healing, or training I have ever come across.

Calling out 'excuses':

"I already know what I'm here to do"

If you are telling yourself this but not ACTIVELY doing it and INSPIRED you are lying to yourself.

"I'm waiting for the right moment to be discovered and someone else will see how special I am."

 If you are waiting to be 'DISCOVERED' the universe will NOT bring it to you - YOU have to GET IT (by facing your fears! Stop lying to yourself, get off Facebook and come to the event).

"I have everything I want but am still not fulfilled - what can I do to be happy?"

If you are financially wealthy but still feeling unfulfilled in your life, you need to rediscover your edge. Come to this event it will bring back your zest for life.

"I feel stuck and unclear on what to do next."

This is a typical case of fear disguising itself in another symptom - being 'unclear'. You are not stuck, you are afraid. The problem is if you knew what to do YOU WOULD HAVE TO DO IT. Come to this event we will get you clear.

"I'm waiting for the right moment."

No your not, you're afraid. What greater purpose could there be for you than living and expressing your unique purpose TODAY? Who decided that you can't be doing that today? Come to the event and clear these rubbish beliefs.

"Don't die with your music still in you." - Wayne Dyer

If you are waiting for the universe to show you a sign, it is here. Come to this event.

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