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Speak Like A Pro - Your Time To Shine

Who is it for?
This training is for speakers, entrepreneurs, professionals, presenters and facilitators who want to develop and feel more confident in their presentation to deliver talks to the best of their ability.

New and emerging speakers and coaches who have a calling to share their message.
People wanting to boost their confidence and social skills.

Who is it not for?
People that think they know everything, and are argumentative and closed minded.
People who only want to read from their notes or power-point slides.
People who want to do boring presentations.

Deliver powerful messages that inspire
• Be more confident in sharing your message in flow and ease.
• Learn how to inspire and ignite your audience.
• Be embodied while speaking, communicating with your whole self.
• Learn authentic gestures, body language and movements which suit you.
• Learn how to project your message through your body.
• Speak with people not at them. (Engage instead of lecturing).
• Have photos from the presentation to use for promoting yourself to other events.
• How to structure your content
• Be more comfortable in your body while you speak.
• Trust that you have enough to speak about even for longer periods of time.
• Discover how to relate your content to various audiences.
• Have your words and message carry power and transformation to inspire others.



Willow Pryor.jpg
Miroslav is a master! Working with him has opened me up to my potential as a presenter in a way that felt effortless and natural. And it was fun!
— Willow Pryor, Strategic Foresight Specialist, Facilitating Futures
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It’s like he reached into the depths of my being, the source of my purpose, and pulled out my full power to be unleashed on stage. Through Miroslav I learned to sit in pure embodied presence, to connect deeply with the audience so that the distinction between speaker and audience dissolves.
— Attila Danko, Medical Doctor
Warren Roberts.jpg
Working with Miroslav helped me talk from an energised place far which was far more dynamic than my previous delivery of dictating thoughts. How I spoke became more engaging, and a lot more fun, which helped us get a finalist award for the internationally recognised leaders in sustainability Banksia Award.
— Warren Roberts, CEO Living Legacy Forest Pty Ltd


Application is by admission only. To apply please email me at with your name, email and phone number.