Join The Brothers (Miroslav & Marko) at their upcoming Reconnection Retreat! This Retreat has been sold out every time it has been offered!

Want to get out more out of life, disconnect from the busyness and connect to a deeper more authentic you? Find more purpose and fulfillment in your everyday life? Get connected to your drive, creativity and inspiration?

This retreat is for busy city people, yogis, spiritual seekers and those who want to develop a deeper relationship with their true self and live a life in deeper harmony with their authenticity.

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- Get more connected to your real self.
– Increase your intuition.
– Raw food detox for physical well-being.
– Live more from your heart.
– Detox from the day to day routine of social media, emails, phone calls, toxins in air, food and water
and truly nourish yourself in every way
– Live in more of your happiness.
– Support others to do the same.
– Walk out clear and grounded to take the next steps in your personal and spiritual journey.
– Deepen relationships and create new friendships.
– Tools for processing emotions and stuck feelings.

This retreat is not just a surface level set of activities, but a deep dive to explore parts of yourself you have never met before. It is a re-connection to what is most important to you. Each retreat is tailored individually to the group and collective intentions brought forward.

– Day trip to Sacred Site
– Healing fires to purify old patterns easily and reconnect to elements.
– Deep inquiry, teachings on the self and playful Q&A’s
– Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation to connect deeper inwards.
– Connect with the land and your dreaming through sound journeys.
– Open night sky camp fire. (Weather permitting)

+ Surprise Guest Facilitators Teaching on Specific Topics

(Specific locations and activities change from year to year.)

Location is within 90 minutes of Melbourne CBD. If you are flying from interstate transport can be arranged at an additional cost with sufficient advance booking.

Fun, joyous, uplifting, re-connecting sprinkled with breakthroughs, authenticity and a love for life!
Walk out uplifted in what you know, grow in your ability to apply it into your life, and make awesome like minded friends!

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2.5 Day Raw Food

Detox and refresh the body using one of the most effective cleaning processes with profound impacts on health and vitality.

• The digestive system is given a well-deserved rest.
• Live foods provide energy, increasing neuro-transmission.
• Eliminates toxins to increase vitality.



embodied yoga & Movement

Deeply rest, rejuvenate and recover, using proven ancient meditation and yogic techniques.

• Decrease time spent in procrastination.
• Increase Your Intuition
• Create strength and rapport within teams and groups.


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Rapidly dissolve emotional and mental stagnation, effortlessly reconnecting to your flow.

• Effectively silence the mind.
• Learn to enter into the ‘zen-state’ and tap into your inspiration.
• Form a deep connection to the body.

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Miroslav Petrovic Bio

Miroslav Petrovic is a pioneer and thought leader. Described as "a cross between Eckharte Tolle and Tony Robbins" he fuses mindfulness and expression exploring the joy of self discovery and human connection. He has presented across Australia and worked with over 4,000 people supporting them to live a life in alignment with their deeper desires.

He has traveled globally pushing himself to his own limits - from Amazonian immersions to Ashram life in India. He has a contagious attitude of "joyous self discovery". Continually unearthing who are we beyond the surface, and inviting expression, play and sharing from this space so it can be integrated back into daily life.

Speaking from the heart, his workshops are highly engaging and immersive, with a presence that softly yet powerfully invites the audience into the intimacy of the present moment, allowing them to speak and break through their own personal challenges while laughing and making new friends.

Fusing ancient wisdom and contemporary life in a fun and interactive way students walk away feeling deeply reconnected to themselves: peaceful, centred and grounded in taking action for the next step in their life.

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Marko Petrovic Bio:

Marko is a Health and Transformation Coach, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur. He has personally involved himself with every aspect of health and transformation, exploring everything from ancient scriptures and cultures to modern science and research, looking at what’s most effective and integrating those elements in his work.

Living this path has given Marko the opportunity to work and learn from over 10,000 people in over 4 different continents sharing the stage with other successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

Some include Andrew Morello, winner of the first Australian Apprentice, Jeffrey Slayter of Free Humanity Event and Dave Nelson, pioneer of YOR Health Australia.

In his spare time, you might find him exploring human potential, spiritual centres of the world, writing music, spending time on his organic permaculture projects or perhaps jumping out of a plane.

Practicing what he preaches and delivering his message with love and care, Marko leaves his clients and customers inspired to live with with purpose and enthusiasm.


Can I come alone?
Yes, this is an awesome space to meet new friends!

What Do I Wear?
Wear clothes you are comfortable to move in and makes you feel inspired, in flow and alive. Also be mindful that it can get cold at night, and being Melbourne bring enough outfits for all occasions.

Is My Registration/Ticket Transferable/Refundable?
Tickets are non-refundable. They may be exchanged providing the new ticket bearer has both the ticket and proof from the original ticket holder of transfer and Miroslav or Marko are notified and approve.

Will There Be Another One?
This retreat is generally offered only once a year and sold out in previous years. If you miss out and want to be informed for future emails please email with your email/number to be on the list for upcoming events.

Book now by sending an email to

(Only 1 more retreat for 2018!)

October 19 5:00 pm - October 21 5:00 pm

Early-bird pricing available, enquire now:

Come with an open mind ready to embrace new experiences.
You may experience emotions throughout this retreat.
You are welcome to take notes, but no recordings.
Bring a variety of clothes and a sleeping bag/bedding – the nights can get cold being Melbourne.
PS - Any photos pictured above are not promised every year, as the location and schedule may change with every retreat.

• For full details with photos and pdf flyer please email