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Miroslav presents internationally all year round on a variety of topics including, conscious business, authentic connection and team-building, living with purpose and self-awareness.

With almost 10 years of experience, Miroslav Petrovic delivers professional keynote presentations and regularly speaks at events/conferences on topics including Leadership, Self-Empowerment, Authenticity, Dissolving Fears and Living Your Life's Purpose.

Miroslav's approach has the audience realising their own truths, conquering their fears and following their purpose in a short amount of time, with evident behavioral shifts and tangible takeaways.

Custom topics can also be created, so please feel free to contact us to have this discussion.

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Rediscovering 'Miracles' Inside Our Hearts.

Miroslav Petrovic is a pioneer and thought leader. Described as "a cross between Eckharte Tolle and Tony Robbins" he fuses mindfulness and expression exploring the joy of self discovery and human connection. He has presented across Australia and worked with over 4,000 people supporting them to live a life in alignment with their deeper desires.

He has traveled globally pushing himself to his own limits - from Amazonian immersions to Ashram life in India. He has a contagious attitude of "joyous self discovery". Continually unearthing who are we beyond the surface, and inviting expression, play and sharing from this space so it can be integrated back into daily life.


Speaking from the heart, his workshops are highly engaging and immersive, with a presence that softly yet powerfully invites the audience into the intimacy of the present moment, allowing them to speak and break through their own personal challenges while laughing and making new friends.

Fusing ancient wisdom and contemporary life in a fun and interactive way students walk away feeling deeply reconnected to themselves: peaceful, centred and grounded in taking action for the next step in their life.

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Up-roaring Testimonials from event organisers:

The room was packed to capacity! Miroslav's experiential talk was popular in both numbers and high vibes with many people commenting that it was the hilight of their day at Evolve Yoga Festival! We hope to have you back here next year Miroslav!”
- Becky Buckwell, Evolve Yoga Festival Director
“Miroslav's ability to engage an audience form the word GO is second to none. His calming tone and grounded presence sets the atmosphere for the ‘conversation’ – it created a sense of unity where everyone was on the same wavelength by the end of his talk. Miroslav ignites inspiration within his audience – an opening of ideas, one to many and many to one.” 
- Justine McInerney, Joy949 Radio Host &The Positivity Project Founder
Miroslavs deep raw genuine authentic words as a speaker touches the core of all that hear him speak. He drops into a space of vulnerability allowing others to do the same, to access their hearts and be open to topics that are discussed. His words are chosen carefully with the intention of having the greatest impact on those that are listening. His young heart and old soul means that everyone relates to him and loves to hear him speak.
Paras YazdaniTribe One Heartbeat Co-Founder
 (Australia's Largest Conscious Dance Party)
“My overall impression of Miroslav is one of wonder, awe and complete gratitude for awakening deeper thinking and awareness within my students in allowing them to realize the potential and power within themselves. Miroslav managed to get a response and rapport with students more effortlessly than a experienced and trained teacher.
He made the staff more aware of ourselves and our students, as well as celebrating their sense of ownership of their thoughts and feelings. This approach has become central to my
teaching as a result of which the faces of my students are full of radiance."
– Trevor Barry,VCAL, Noble Park S.C.
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Never in my life have I come across a human being like Miroslav – whenever I come in contact or in his presence I drop straight into THE NOW – the lack of beating around the bush with Miroslavs presentation makes you draw from deep within and bring to the surface instantaneously. This is done in softness. Never have I felt intimidated or obligated to the intimacy of the moment.” 
- Aimee Bracks, Summer Healing Yoga Founder


Keynote talks:

The Power of AUTHENTIC Leadership: HOW To EMBODY A Commanding Presence 

We can feel see and identify presence when someone speaks, but what makes presence?

The days are over when we check our humanness at the doors of a corporation. In order for leaders to be sustainable in today's moving and shifting times, the companies of tomorrow must embrace heart based leadership to increase employee engagement, increase profits, and look after themselves and the planet.

In this talk, you will learn how to move your awareness from your head to your heart in order to distinguish between the two and ensure your choices are made from the power of your wisdom as opposed to your logic.

Your heart will become the driver and your mind will take a back seat.

THe connected workplace

Bridging body, mind and soul to create inspirational workplace culture

Great results come from great work relationships, and for a long time work place cultures have been built on results and performance creating isolation and competition amidst organisations. In the 21st century companies are discovering that what employees value most highly is to feel a sense of belonging and  the possibility to grow beyond their immediate roles. This talk will bring the team/company together under a shared banner of what it means to work together and bring all of ourselves to the workplace.

In The World But Not Of It

Living A Mindful Life In The Contemporary World

In this talk, Miroslav will show you how the self-development that you have done in the past can be a catalyst for a better lifestyle that will affect your health, your wealth, and your relationships.

Taking the unspeakable and turning it into real action seems to be a common element missing for people with a regular practise of self-awareness. In this talk we will hear about the tangible takeaways for how to achieve this.

Many books and teachers tell you to walk their path when they truly don’t know the path they have walked, because it is a mystery. Instead of trying to solve the mystery of the universe or assume his way is paramount, Miroslav guides you toward learning and reveling in your own grand mystery within and allowing life to become about the experience rather than about solving problems.


Emotional Intelligence & The language of feeling

Speak Less & Communicate More

Most misunderstandings, arguments and disappointments occur as a result of a misinterpreted language. This often leads to confusion, depression and wrong choices in their life which causes mayhem in their relationships, health and money.

In this talk you will discover the subtle degrees of emotional intelligence and inner knowing, and how to listen to it and be able to distinguish between the storm of thought and emotion. You will learn how to speak less and communicate more.

After this talk people generally experience the subtle power of inner knowing that has the ability to move mountains in your life.

Miroslav also teaches skills including communications, public speaking, leadership, workplace culture and integral sales.

To book Miroslav for a speaking engagement, or to have a custom talk designed for you please contact
*Miroslav is also available for interviews, podcasts, talk-shows and conferences.