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Miroslavs intuition and guidance helped me with several blockages I knew I had holding me back in business and life that I couldn’t quite identify myself.

In just one session I had the clarity and perspectives I was after. Something I will definitely recommend and use again.

And I woke up with a lot of vitality after our session too!
— Dave Nelson, Co-Founder of Sash Japanese, Vodka + & YOR Health Australia Pioneer
Miroslav has armed me with practical tools to confidently pitch my business to an investor for a $150K capital raising to an angel investor. His methods have allowed me to challenge assumptions around belief systems, maximise my performance towards this objective and neutralise risk around legal and commercial arrangements. Miroslav calms the mind of the entrepreneur so that they can focus on creating ventures that make a positive impact on the world. I consider him a trusted key advisor that generates measurable value for my company.
— Dean Steele-Bennett, Managing Director, The Melbourne Guild

"This [past trauma] had been going on for about 3 months and I hadn't been able to work or connect with my family, I've really just been in crisis mode. I feel now that process has been alleviated to some extent and I am excited to get back on with life. - Alex Grant,
Co-Founder of Byron Spirit Festival (AU), Hamptons Yoga Fest (USA) & Owner of FindYoga.com.au

I reached out to Miroslav recently during a time of deep struggle and I can honestly say I was astounded that in less than two minutes he was able to help me get the clarity I needed on something I had been struggling with for several months.

Miroslav is unlike any other person I know. He is extremely intuitive and brings such a unique wisdom to field of coaching and personal growth & development. By truly connecting with his own authenticity he creates a safe space for you to share your pain.

If you are not ready for change than you are not ready to work with Miroslav!! But if you are then I say “buckle up” and get ready, he will take you to the deepest places within yourself and help you to transcend all fears, heal all wounds and resolve all blocks that may been keeping you stuck!
— Niamh Cronin, Integrative Health & Vitality Coach & Speaker
Miroslav works in an unconventional way compared to the standard medical model I am used to with psychologists and therapists. He takes a different approach that in my opinion works much better in particular with difficult cases. Although difficult to articulate with traditional models, through the use of breath and awareness he was quickly and effectively able to create shifts in perspective with a stressful inter-family relationship I was experiencing. As a result I now feel relaxed and empowered in the situation, which has freed up my energy to be focused into my own work with Integrative Medicine.
— Dr. Erika Wils, Doctor
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During my work with Miroslav I was able to work through some longstanding insecurities and fears which had been a comfort zone for me. I am able to identify when I begin to go back into old patterns of negative thinking and Miroslav has taught me techniques to work through these patterns and to let them go. I now look at my relationships, my job and myself in a much more positive and accepting light. I have noticed a great shift in my personal relationships and work life and have a lot more balance now.

Miroslav was great to work with. His kind and gentle nature make him easy to talk to and to open up. I would recommend anyone who is facing challenges in the workplace or personal life to get in touch with him.
— Katerina Patras, Lawyer
After only a brief session with Miroslav I gained so much clarity around what I really wanted in my heart for my life and my business. This has created such a lovely sense of calmness around what I do as I now know that my dreams are achievable and will come true. After the huge realisations that Miroslav facilitated, I now enjoy my work even more and I can just focus on what I am truly passionate about and like magic, since our session, I have been consistently getting more clients and referrals, with my clients tripling without any extra effort on my part.

On a deeper level, Mirsolav helped me do something that I have never done before. I am a submissive person that often ignores what I want when I am pushed by other people. Miroslav gently facilitated me in moving past my resistance into fighting for what I really want. This has been the most valuable gift I gained from working with him. I now feel completely at peace with my deep desires which is giving me a greater sense of purpose and direction in my life.
— Echo Leia Andarta, "Honeywise" Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
I don’t know what to call Miroslav.
Healer? Spiritual Guide? Coach?
Whatever it is the session I had with Miroslav was so powerful.

We, humans , tend to make our lives so complicated with such low vibrational emotions. Mine predominantly “guilt”. During a short session, Miroslav has opened up and guided me back to the true essence of life, without telling or teaching, but helping me realise on my own truth. After the session I felt so much lighter and shift had occurred.

Miroslav is one magical soul with so much inner wisdom. Thank You.
— Yoko Inoue, Raw Chef/Owner, Shoku Iku
“Thank you Miroslav for your incredible love and support last night.

After many years of getting paid for doing that which I did not truly love with a passion, came the profound realization that I could not live my life any other way than doing what I love and getting paid for it.

It was both a humbling and enlightening experience to see so many others in the room get massive and great breakthroughs with such a gentle and loving processes.”
— Frederick Krasey, Coach, Counsellor, Trainer
I came to you I was in serious depression - did not want to be alive, constant feeling of sadness and dread.

And to feel that overwhelming love and bliss from the very first session with you has got me addicted and set on my whole path.

I thank you with all my heart you are so generous with your time, I am so blessed to know you. XO
— Ruth Fenby, Owner, Figure Works
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Mate I just need to tell you today has been one of the most incredible days since doing this business.

I have connected with certain members of my team which I have not done so well with in the past, had an enjoyable time signing up 3 people and everything seems effortless. And I just feel such great energy all around me.

I feel I am moving on the right path and I want to thank you for your help.
— Mark Anthony Cullen, YOR Health Australia Pioneering Group
“Miroslav allows the Be-ing to simply become evident.

He is a shining example of a committed human on his own path... where the path goes is irrelevant, however I love following his humorous and provoking Facebook stories along the way!
He is living his life unapologetically and with integrity.

When exchanging time, thoughts, healing and loving growth with him, I expanded deeper into a space of myself I only slightly knew existed before. The roots of my heart began to take hold, and the effervesence energy translating through my fragmented thoughts and the noise of my monkey mind began to shape into more productive channels of focus and cosciousness.

Miroslav gives permission...
One of the subtlest yet most powerful transformational gateways and offerings available to all of us.

Affording the most deep and transformational shifts; only if the willingness is there, Miroslav will gently and skillfully guide one into his own ego deconstruction in a way that allows the opportunity to laugh at yourself through the tears, and find the bliss in all the moments in between. I still carry him with me in my heart... the impact he has had on my life has been profound.

The understanding that comes with going beyond the limitations of the ego and a constructed reality into the depths of the present moment, and to play in the unconfined space that reside there is beyond... How incredible that we all have access to this miracle?!

Life is fuller when living in this expression of truth.
I thank him from the essence of my Be-ing for helping to show me the vastness of the universe that resides in me.”
— Anne Fane - Movement Coach, Dancer & Choreographer
“Miroslav’s given me so much in such a short period of time.”

“I feel more together than I’ve ever felt before, I feel REALLY happy to be me. I now know my direction, I think about my decisions and do what I want to do, what’s best for me. It’s been great to get off the merry-go-round with my family of constantly running around and to actually be in touch with them. Be truly in tune and connected with them. It was nice to reconnect in an inexpensive fluffy way. I’ve been deep sleeping again which is nice and I hadn’t in ages. I can’t remember the last time I had a dream. My husband and my children are my world so it was wonderful to find a deeper more fruitful connection with them. Instead of feeling like they are doing chores they are happy to help me in whatever way they feel they can and not feel obliged.”

“I feel more together than I’ve ever felt before, I now know my direction, I think about my decisions and do what I want to do, what’s best for me.”
— Sarah Nugent
“Thank you Miroslav for helping me find my way back to my heart, and for the courage to love it. We get so busy running errands for people who do not matter when we could be busy putting our toes in the dirt”

+ later from her friend:

”Emmy is literally high on life right now. Wish you could hear everything she’s saying; so beautiful. All day she was so weighed down & after speaking with you, it’s like her whole perspective has shifted. God, I wish you could hear it. Thank you so, so much for that :).
— Emilie Heath, WA, USA
My outlook is soooo clear and peaceful. I’ve had no stress or aches internally or anything. I feel alive, and like I’m on the right path.

I’ve been able to just live the way I want to and feel amazing doing it. I’m happy. Really happy.

You helped me so much, and I can’t begin to say how much I truly appreciate you.

Hopefully I can catch another session when I come to Australia, it has been months since the last one and I still feel amazing.
— Jessica Lee, Business Owner, KT, USA
We watched the sun rise in White Sands, New Mexico; Did yoga on the highest rock at the Grand Canyon; Meditated forever & some more at Spider Rock Arizona; went to a Native American flute festival in the Sonoran desert near Tucson; barefoot hiked Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ; Climbed the rocks at Zion National Park in Utah. And the most beautiful of all the experiences was seeing the tear run down a lady’s face as she handed a note to me.

The note was for my dear friend, Miroslav, who showed this lady how to finally set herself free. And those tears were of pure joy. I’ve heard people say “They bring out the best in me,” but I’ve never seen anyone show you how to do it yourself.

I’ve watched this man completely transform people in a day and I’ve watched the smile on his face when people start to see the light that he sees in them.

I think we all want that same thing: joy, freedom, love. My one piece of advice from this journey is to talk to Miroslav.
— Angelina Presley, OH, USA
“My experience was unlike no other. Before the session I was always feeling very tied down, like as if I couldn’t really breathe. I was getting a lot of pressure from all kinds of areas in my life and I just wanted to have a bit of guidance as to what I can do to help, to help with the pressure that creates the negativity of thoughts and of a few things in my life.

When we first started I had a sense of calmness and relaxation that I didn’t expected. The session itself was very invigorating, intense, beautiful and fulfilling. I never thought so many things could be a turnout of one thing, and being able to work through it was very fulfilling.

After the session I felt very positive, motivated, like as if nothing could hold me back, I wanted to just get out there and do what I needed to prove to myself I could achieve something great. I was thinking about things differently before acting on it. I was looking at the world differently. I feel clear and understanding of more things in the world. Kind of as if I can look beyond the looking glass.
Since then I have felt very capable of myself. I have had a couple little turn backs on a bad day here and there but nothing that could be fixed with a bit of the energy that has been with me since.”
— Christina Cerone, Business Owner
My session with Miroslav was quite a huge turning point for me. I’d been seeing a counsellor and an art therapist for 6 months working on some past trauma that was stored in my body. I could feel a lot of stuck emotion in my chest and throat, but whenever it came up in sessions I would become too afraid to face it. I felt like there was a monster inside of me and I felt like releasing it would kill me!

Within minutes of working with Miroslav this trapped energy started to move and release and by the end of our session I could feel my energy flowing freely for the first time since I was a teenager. I’m so grateful to Miroslav, I feel like a new woman!
— Jessica Rose, Self-employed