Up-roaring Testimonials from event organisers:

“Miroslav connects with the heart of the audience, offering inspiring stories and tangible takeaways. Attendees consistently walk away fulfilled, inspired, and feeling connected to one another. In the times he has spoken to my audiences the feedback is positive and they are uplifted. He is fun, Intense, and unique. A stand for opening hearts and minds of people! Check him out.”

- Jeffrey Slayter, Author & International Speaker


“Very grateful to have Miroslav speak at our recent event. He brings an edge of raw, unexpected connection that moves participants. His authenticity & vulnerability is so real... It's refreshing & it's awakening for people to experience. As an event promoter - it's awesome to work with a speaker like Miroslav who has professionalism, personality & can adapt to a wide range of audience needs.”

- Sam Higgins, Event Organiser


The room was packed to capacity! Miroslav's experiential talk was popular in both numbers and high vibes with many people commenting that it was the hilight of their day at Evolve Yoga Festival! We hope to have you back here next year Miroslav!”

- Becky Buckwell, Evolve Yoga Festival Director

“Miroslav's ability to engage an audience form the word GO is second to none. His calming tone and grounded presence sets the atmosphere for the ‘conversation’ – it created a sense of unity where everyone was on the same wavelength by the end of his talk. Miroslav ignites inspiration within his audience – an opening of ideas, one to many and many to one.”

- Justine McInerney, Joy949 Radio Host &The Positivity Project Founder

andrew mournehis.jpg

“Miroslav is truly an archetypal storyteller and teacher of our times…
When I then got to see him teaching to a large group of students, the energy was amplified and found his teachings to be a truly magical experience. His ability to capture the depth, meaning and symbolism within stories and mythological tales is captivating, thought provoking and inspiring. He has this innate ability to capture the potent lessons, universal messages and true essence, not only through words but through transmission, vibration, gesture, movement, nuance and touching our human experience so that the stories come to life in ways that speak to the Core of our Being …

If you have never experienced his teaching …do yourself a favour …it is like being transported back to a timeless space where childlike innocence abides …where all things are possible and where miracles occur. He creates the space where these ancient tales and stories come to life in the NOW.”

- Andrew Mournehis, Renowned Yoga Teacher Trainer


Miroslavs deep raw genuine authentic words as a speaker touches the core of all that hear him speak. He drops into a space of vulnerability allowing others to do the same, to access their hearts and be open to topics that are discussed. His words are chosen carefully with the intention of having the greatest impact on those that are listening. His young heart and old soul means that everyone relates to him and loves to hear him speak.

Paras Yazdani, Tribe One Heartbeat Co-Founder
(Australia's Largest Conscious Dance Party)

“My overall impression of Miroslav is one of wonder, awe and complete gratitude for awakening deeper thinking and awareness within my students in allowing them to realize the potential and power within themselves. Miroslav managed to get a response and rapport with students more effortlessly than a experienced and trained teacher.

He made the staff more aware of ourselves and our students, as well as celebrating their sense of ownership of their thoughts and feelings. This approach has become central to my
teaching as a result of which the faces of my students are full of radiance."

– Trevor Barry,VCAL, Noble Park S.C.

Aimee Bracks .jpg

Never in my life have I come across a human being like Miroslav – whenever I come in contact or in his presence I drop straight into THE NOW – the lack of beating around the bush with Miroslavs presentation makes you draw from deep within and bring to the surface instantaneously. This is done in softness. Never have I felt intimidated or obligated to the intimacy of the moment.”

- Aimee Bracks, Summer Healing Yoga Founder

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