Miroslav Petrovic’s
THE WAY OF THE HEART MEntorship - Level 1

This Mentorship program for coaches, consultants, facilitators and
healers and professionals who want to bring their unique service to the world.

To be of service and live a life of service.

This program is for heart centred people with a deep calling to coaching, healing, consulting who want to connect others to their true expression.

Doing this program will give you the experiential shifts and techniques for the most advanced human change work in both business and life that I have discovered, created and personally use with my 1 on1 clients.

I have invested almost 10 years and over $100,000 into personal development and transformation. In this program I have blended the most powerful work I have come across along with the Heart Work I have created myself, packaging the essence of all my leanings and wisdom to support you to create similar results with less time and money.

The core of this work is 3 simple principles:

Effortless. Direct. Lasting Change.

An opportunity to connect your heart with your business and use it as a tool for transformation tool to support others while supporting yourself.


Who It is For:

• Firstly for people whos hearts feel called to this work.
Coaches, consultants and facilitators who have done the mind work and are ready for the next level of transformation - the heart work.
Healers who are ready to step up and begin playing a bigger game by being able to clearly communicate what they do to the everyday person and be sustainable with their work.
Yoga teachers who feel called to take their work off the mat and into the world.
Self-Aware people who have done the work on themselves and are ready to step up and be of service to others.
• People who have a natural pull to self-development and want to take the journey with less effort and more grace.
• People who have been avoiding stepping into their power and know it is their calling as they are now ready to do this.
• Men & Women who feel they are not strong enough and want to reconnect to their personal power.
•People who want to make an impact on the people they are here to work with, creating more love, freedom and joy so others too can live form the heart.

What You Will Get:

• 2 x 2 Day Live Training Sessions.
• 6 x 60-90min Group Phone Calls
• Tangible proven exercises and guide-sheets to use with your clients.
• In-house Group Learning and Development Sessions
• Facebook support forum
• Small and intimate groups fostering to personal transformation.

What You Will Learn & Embody:

This is not just a theoretical training, it is an embodiment. You will be encouraged to dissolve your fears, step through your vulnerabilities and OWN your power. The power of this is to be able to live on your edge in all areas in life.


• Courage and trust to find that what you need is already there and you can just go out find the right words to share it.
• Explore your edge & learn to be comfortable with things that uncomfortable to live your purpose daily.
• Embody your personal power and belief in yourself, to make powerful decisions and have confidence in through challenges.
• Create integrated personal boundaries to create healthier relationships
• Develop the confidence and move beyond fears and judgements of what friends and family may think of you when your doing ‘weird’ or ‘spiritual’ work.
• Support in how to understand ‘heart work’ form the mind.
• Wisdom and understanding in how the mind and heart work and communicate together.
• How to combine who you are into your work naturally.
• Nurture and work on yourself, while working with clients.
• Dissolve limitations and beliefs around money and service when working spiritually.
• Move beyond ideas of ‘official qualifications’ and discover the trust you have within yourself.
• Realize that you do not have to do this alone any more, but are supported by others on the path.
• Realize that you can do this work with others while being in relationships and having deeper family bonds also. This work affects your whole life.
• Transcend the minds stories of “I’m not good enough” which results in avoiding opportunities, confusing your ability to communicate what you do, and judgements/comparison with other people.
• Remember that the heart is all about serious fun. You can be spiritual and have a great time too ;)
• Have freedom, peace and confidence to live your path and share your vision and mission for humanity.
• Discover how to get into flow and the slipstream.

1 on 1 Work With Clients

• Discover and do the work that you find FUN.
• Tools and techniques which provide the basic framework to directly penetrate intoyour clients blockages in a rapid yet gentle way that creates massive transformation
• Learning to be comfortable about credibility to speak confidently
• Applying and using your own unique expressions to create transformations with people.
• Confidence to work with clients both in person and remotely.
• Allow them to share their unique gifts
• Powerful per-suppositions which will make your work more effortless and your clients more empowered.
• How to create and communicate ‘value’ for your clients to continually keep providing an amazing service they love and keeping coming back for.
• How to stay centred within yourself while you are working with clients.
• Use the Quantum Field to draw insight, information and clarity on tricky situations with other people.

Advanced 1 on 1 Work with Clients - Beyond ‘Modality’ into Heart

* Move beyond tools and techniques to trust your own heart to guide you to create transformation in your own unique way.
* Find whats right for you and do it your way.
* Discover how learning from your heart as an applied tool of wisdom is far more powerful as it presents an opportunity to step into the unknown and receive wisdom from a source far greater than the mind.

Heart Based Sales, Price & Service

* Learn how to sell effectively without being “salesy” or “pushy.”
* Be confident with sales conversations to make a live-able income from your hearts work.
* Clearly communicate the work you do and how potential clients can benefit from it.
* Discover you credibility to position yourself as leader in your industry.
* How to deal with people not wanting to pay you and your fears that they cant ‘afford’ your work.
* Work through the fear of stating your price because people may not work with you.
* Procedures for effectively finding what people want and how you can support them.
* Re-framing‘Sales’ as a delivery of your unique service to the world
* How to approach sales from the heart without being ‘salesy’
* How to support people through limitations they may be faced with when deciding to work with you.
* Dissolve the guilt and distrust around the sales process gathered from past experiences.
* By getting clear on sales learn how to sell your clients on themselves.
* Move beyond doing things the slow old way of trial and error and receive guidance on packaging and structuring your business in a way that generates more income and provides more support for clients.


* Create integrated personal boundaries to create healthier relationships
* Find your own language to speak just the right thing at just the right time.
* How to speak, share and still stay centred
* How to deal with challenging objections and questions such as ‘What gives you the right to teach this/Where did you learn this/ How are you qualified etc”
* Effortlessly connect and speak with others.
* Be on point with what you have to say.
* Learn to trust your intuitive voice with Miroslav’s Slipstream Method and always voice what you need.

These are some of the areas that will be covered and there will be many more that will arise as we go through the training.

You will also discover that you can apply these same tools, techniques and wisdom into all areas of your life - relationship, family, work, etc.