1 on 1 coaching

Miroslav works with Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs and Executives, supporting them to maintain a clear mindset and focused connection with their intuition, so they can effectively deliver their mission and objectives in the world.

"I work with people who are connected to their purpose and passionate about making positive impact and conscious change in the world but may be experiencing stagnation, confusion and feeling overwhelmed. With the 'Miroslav Method' we work through any challenges you may be experiencing, so you can continue to thrive in your business with less effort and increased productivity and leave with tangible tools and techniques to apply in your everyday life".


How does he do it?

Miroslav has a rare set of skills which allow him to see beyond the problem at hand, assisting you to access the root of the challenge and clear it.

The way he works is from the inside out, supporting you to discover your own inner tools and wisdom.

What this means is - it is simple and effortless, essentially guiding you to learn from yourself.


The process?

Miroslav uses a two-step process he created called the Miroslav Method. It works by determining where you are now, where you want to be and dissolving the mental noise inhibiting you from taking the next step. It’s really quick and simple. 

How do I know if i should work with miroslav?

  • If you are committed to living your purpose from the heart and getting the most out of life.
  • If you know that your path and purpose involves making a positive impact on the planet.


  • Greater clarity and confidence with decision-making so you can take the right step forward.
  • Increased focus to reduce downtime and achieve desired goals with increased productivity.
  • Courage to walk your 'edge' and live your purpose.
  • Build real relationships that reach beyond surface level and create deep, meaningful connections.
  • Creativity to think on your feet, improvise and work your way out of challenging situations.

You will move beyond conventional knowledge and foster a deeper connection with the depth of your own inner wisdom, living in accordance with your life purpose.

“We are all walking each other home”
— Ram Das, Spiritual Teacher and Author of the third best-selling book in the English language.

How do I begin?

We start with a Discovery Session which is a 1 hour session for $300, conducted over the phone or Skype. 

I work with you around areas in your personal relationship, health and business lifestyle to support you in staying grounded and taking clear steps forward.

If you're struggling in any of these areas and you are looking for somebody to connect with - this is what I do.

I have been known to have worked on people to clear blockages around emotions, to help them get through divorces, business challenges, and to receive clarity through tough transitions - this is what I do and people seem to really love it.

If you do this session with me and you don't feel it was worth it, I will just refund your money.

After this we discuss where you want to go, what you want to do, and how we can work together in the years to come.

To book, contact Miroslav: miroslav@miroslavp.com