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Miroslav Petrovic believes being in connection with our own personal presence could be the most important, dynamic relationship we have in life.  This, at its core, is the Power of Presence.

He is inspired by embodied speaking, teaching, and training to face the fears that most often hold us back from our greatest lives. He teaches that when we conquer the fear and limiting beliefs that hold us back, we can use them as tools to reach our fullest potential.  

His message and ‘off the beaten path’ approach speaks to thought leaders, future visionaries, progressive educators and transformational leaders who are empowered to move away from traditional teaching methodologies and embrace a deeper, more conscious way of communicating and teaching, through mind, body and spirit. 


Fear is one of the greatest obstacles which surrounds us every day, and holds us back from reaching our truest potential.  I call the ability to use this energy source Metafear, a state of being that if not understood can limit us as humans in all capacities. That is where embodied presence can build confidence, engender self-expression, create connection, all while pushing people out of their comfort zone and into their zone of genius. Embracing our Metafear gives us the ability to conquer and face those fears, allowing us to grow because we’re devouring what stands in our way to deliver powerful messages that inspire.

Embodied Speaking & Presenting: 
Go beyond rehearsing and remembering your lines to appear confident on stage, and instead discover your inherent, unshakeable courage that has always been inside you and when utilized again will move and inspire people into positive action.

Embodied Leadership: 
Break free from old patterns, traditional training methodologies and disconnected conditioning stored in the body, to allow for fuller expressions of how leaders, teammates, coworkers and organizations actually excel in meaningful productivity, workflow and creative problem solving.

Embodied Teaching: 
Remove the stereotypical, archaic lecture style teaching and one directional communication and replace it with experiential, conversational, engagement, that when adopted, students and influencers alike will retain, learn and share information as though they have lived it already.


“Miroslav is an intelligent and inspirational facilitator that related to each individual and to the team as a whole. His exclusive skills for leading a group removes any barriers and gets everyone connected to their true authentic selves, which allows the team to address any outstanding issues, concerns or roadblocks. The week after was when we saw some of the best results; authenticity and truth came alive. Every shift we had great conversations around what was holding people back and as team we were able to support each other and work together. Miroslav offers a positively unique approach to facilitation.”

— Danielle Johnson, Lululemon Athletica Store Manager, Qld

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“Miroslav connects with the heart of the audience, offering inspiring stories and tangible takeaways. Attendees consistently walk away fulfilled, inspired, and feeling connected to one another. In the times he has spoken to my audiences the feedback is positive and they are uplifted. He is fun, Intense, and unique. A stand for opening hearts and minds of people! Check him out.”

- Jeffrey Slayter, Author & International Speaker